What Is A Demolation Hammer?

It is clear that for the start of any construction project, you need certain tools and equipment. These items can expedite the process of renovating or demolishing a building, allowing you to achieve your desired results without requiring excessive time and effort. The demolition hammer is a prime example in this regard and is widely used in the demolition of residential and non-residential structures.

By examining the name of this product and asking yourself what is a demolation hammer, you can likely make some educated guesses about it. A demolition hammer is a machine capable of delivering multiple heavy blows to various objects. This process continues until the targeted structure is damaged and completely destroyed. The impact force of a demolition hammer is measured in kilograms. The energy for this tool primarily comes from the city’s power source, and then the motor of the tool utilizes it.

It is worth noting that the operator, or the person guiding this tool, must possess reasonable skills and physical strength. Otherwise, the person cannot withstand and control the force applied by the machine, potentially leading to injury. Due to its consecutive and precise blows, the demolition hammer can impact and break any object with any material, such as breaking stones, concrete, and asphalt. It is interesting to know that this tool can also facilitate drilling operations on various surfaces.

Applications of the Demolition Hammer:

This tool is generally used for the demolition of various structural and non-structural components. This process involves delivering heavy and multiple blows to specific structures. The number of impacts that the hammer can deliver in a minute determines the power of the machine. The categorization of this product is usually based on its weight. In some models, the operator can adjust the number and speed of the impacts.

What Is A Demolation Hammer

Structure of a Demolition Hammer

Every electrical tool is assembled from numerous small and large pieces. Each piece has a specific function, and their absence can disrupt the tool’s functionality. The demolition hammer is also composed of various components. Below, we mention some of the most important parts of the demolition hammer:

Start Key
Side Handle
Holding Handle
Types of Bits
Three Systems
Grease Rotation System
Key Handle
Electric Motor
U Cover

Types of Demolition Hammers

Demolition hammers are designed, produced, and introduced to the market in various types, each suitable for different projects. Some of these products are categorized based on their appearance, weight, or dimensions, while others are divided by criteria such as fuel and motor type. In general, various types of demolition hammers are as follows:

Gasoline Hammer:

This hammer operates using gasoline. In some models, it combines gasoline and oil. With a gasoline hammer, operators can easily move without the need for an electrical cable.

Hydraulic Hammer:

This type of tool uses hydraulic fluid for its operation. It includes a piston compressor, and its speed can be adjusted.

Pneumatic Hammer:

The pneumatic hammer uses an air source to continue its operation. This tool is lightweight and cost-effective.

Electric Hammer:

The electric hammer is the most common type of demolition hammer. It has cables that connect it directly to the electrical power source.

Advantages of Demolition Hammer

Advantages of Demolition Hammer

The continuous use of a product reflects its structural advantages. The demolition hammer also possesses certain positive features that have made it a lasting tool in the demolition equipment markets of Iran and the world. Below are some of the main positive features of the demolition hammer:

Minimal Pollution Compared to Traditional Methods: Creates minimal pollution compared to traditional demolition methods.

Enhanced Safety: Provides increased safety during operation.

Low Noise Production: Generates minimal noise compared to other demolition methods.

No Need for Excessive Manual Labor: Does not require a significant amount of human force.

Increased Demolition Speed for Buildings: Speeds up the process of demolishing structures.

How to Use a Demolition Hammer

To use this powerful tool, start by placing it in a designated box and moving it to the demolition site. The operator then needs to attach a specialized bit to the tool’s system. Once the bit installation process is complete, the demolition hammer is connected to the power source. In this state, the operator can apply pressure in both horizontal and vertical directions on various objects. This process continues until the target object is completely demolished.

Service and Maintenance of Demolition Hammer

Service and Maintenance of Demolition Hammer

Undoubtedly, proper service and maintenance are essential for the correct operation and, of course, the longevity of this tool. The operator plays a crucial role in servicing and maintaining the demolition hammer. The person must have high skills and precision, and physical strength is also important. It is recommended to clean various parts of the demolition hammer with specialized wipes after each use.

Different structures in this field have different performances and powers. Therefore, it is better to use the appropriate demolition hammer for each project. Otherwise, additional pressure is exerted on the device, leading to potential damage. It is advisable to keep the demolition hammer away from moisture and excessive heat.

Safety Tips for Using the Demolition Hammer

In general, a demolition hammer is a high-pressure device that breaks various parts of a structure. It is clear that observing certain precautions during its operation is necessary. First and foremost, the operator must have proper protective gear. Safety glasses, a hard hat, work clothes, gloves, and suitable footwear are among the components of this gear. The drill or concrete breaker, when in operation, should stay away from extra electrical connections and moisture. Creating additional electrical currents during its use can be hazardous.

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