Electric Angle Grinder Components

Undoubtedly, one of the most important devices used in industrial activities, including construction, blacksmithing, and painting, is the electric grinder. The mentioned structure has various applications, allowing individuals with artistic skills to perform activities such as cutting, polishing, and subflooring. With a little investigation, it becomes clear that the electric grinder comes in various types, each composed of different components and exhibiting different performance capabilities. In this article, we focus on the electric grinder, specifically detailing its components and their respective uses.

What is an Electric Grinder?

It is expected that before delving into details, an overview of the structure be highlighted. Therefore, we prioritize introducing the electric grinder. An electric grinder is a structure that directly derives its required energy from the electrical grid. The components of the electric grinder differ from other grinders, as this structure requires greater precision and power in its operation. The components of the electric grinder are more numerous than other devices, making its performance highly versatile.

The electric grinder has various rotating discs, each used for cutting specific materials. As a result, you can purchase an electric grinder for activities such as automotive, carpentry, blacksmithing, construction, and more. It should be noted that this type of grinder itself has various types, and accordingly, the components of the electric grinder differ in their categorizations. Below, we list some types of electric grinders:

Router Grinder

Miniature Grinder

Handheld Grinder

Stone Grinding Grinder

Forging Grinder

Electric Angle Grinder Components
The main components of an electric angle grinder

The main components of an electric angle grinder

Each of the grinders mentioned in the above article has a different structure compared to the others, and details such as usage, power, disc rotation speed, etc., are personalized for each. Nevertheless, the overall structure is similar, and they consist of similar components. Some of the most important components of the electric grinder are as follows:

Speed settings

Lock button

On/off lever

Main handle


Side handle



Blade guard

Power cord and accessories

Speed Settings

Most electric grinders available in the market have the ability to adjust the speed. This section may include buttons or a keypad, and in some structures, a grading part is observed. The higher the set number from your side, the more rotations per minute the disc will have, and the lower the entered number, the lower the rotation speed.

Lock Button

If you examine the list of components of electric grinders in various models, you’ll find that a lock button exists in most models. This section is designed to allow you to keep the structure on without applying pressure to the button, lever, or handle. This button can also prevent sudden activation of the structure, which is considered an important safety feature.

On/Off Lever

The first two components mentioned in the review of electric grinder components may not be present in some models. However, on/off lever is essential for all types of grinders. This lever, button, or handle is installed on the main handle of the structure. To turn on the device, simply press the button or bend the lever.

Main Handle

The main handle, among the components, is impactful on the cost of the electric grinder. It is designed for better control of the device during various activities. In fact, the operator can control and create more precise cuts by holding this part of the grinder.


The motor is one of the components that clearly justifies its presence in various structures. The motor can supply the required power to all components of the electric grinder through electrical current. Electric grinders have motors with different capacities. The higher the motor power, the higher the speed and rotation of the discs. So, it’s important that the components of the electric grinder align with your expectations from the structure.

Side Handle

The side handle is an angled rod made of plastic and is installed at the bottom of the electric grinder. Like the main handle, this part assists the operator in holding and controlling the electric grinder. It’s worth noting that the side handle can adjust its angle if necessary. Therefore, make the necessary adjustments before turning on the grinder.


If you were to list the components of electric grinders in order of importance, the disc would undoubtedly be among the top headlines. This part needs to be synchronized with the structure and locked onto the spindle. This section is embedded in the central part of the structure and is guided by the motor. The spindle is typically made of steel for its resistance and hardness.


The disc, or blade, is one of the most commonly used components of the electric grinder, used for cutting, polishing, engraving, etc. The blade is attached to the spindle, and its movement is controlled by the motor. The type of blade you choose for your structure is crucial, considering the dimensions, grinder speed, type of activity, and the material you’re working with.

Blade Guard

The blade guard is an additional body installed on the disc. The material of this part is usually a resistant type of plastic. The operator can remove this part from the electric grinder if needed. However, it is not highly recommended, as the blade guard protects the person from sudden movements of the grinder.

Power Cord and Accessories

The power cord is installed in the bottom part of the structure. By connecting this cord to the power source, the device starts working. It’s important to note that rechargeable grinders may have batteries instead of a cord. Additionally, when purchasing the device, you receive additional accessories for manual uses, blade detachment, and cleaning the structure.

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