Sachi plus pressure washer lance

The Sachi Plus pressure washer lance is among the high-quality products of Sachi Company. Made from first-grade polyamide material, with a brass inlet, brass nut, and stainless steel outlet, this lance is designed for efficient and flexible use with adjustable spray patterns for thorough cleaning. With a power support of up to 170 bars, high pressure, and resistance to breakage, this product exemplifies the quality and global standards of Sachi Company in the production of car wash wands and nozzles.

Coupling and water inlet with filter by Sachi

Sachi Company, as the sole producer of pressure washer inlet couplings in Iran, proudly introduces its high-quality pressure washer coupling products with a variety of colors. This coupling, made of polyester and equipped with a polyamide water inlet filter, ensures high resistance and optimal water purification for use in car washes. The robust design of the inlet rose and a separate space for wrench placement provide users with easy installation and replacement capabilities.

Demolation Hammer Handles by Sachi

The demolition hammer handles by Sachi are made of polyamide fiber material with 30% fiber content. They are also equipped with a brass screw reservoir and have a separate space for placing the speed change dimmer. These features provide the user with the ability to perform various tasks with greater precision.

Demolation Hammer U cover by Sachi

This cover is made of flexible polyamide material with high flexibility. Its black color, adds a beautiful and professional appearance to your device. This cover ensures that your device is protected against external damages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of tools does your company provide spare parts for?

Our company produces parts for various models of demolition hammers, stone grinders, and car wash equipment.

How can I find the suitable part for my specific tool on your website?

Use our search functionality or browse through our categorized product list to easily find the spare part you need based on the model and manufacturer of your tool.

How long does it take to receive the parts?

We strive to process and dispatch orders quickly. The delivery time may vary, but you can check estimated shipping times with our support team.

Do your parts come with a warranty?

A one-year unconditional warranty is provided for all shafts. For other parts, they are warranted against physical breakage.

Are bulk discounts offered for businesses or workshops that purchase parts in large quantities?

Contact our sales team to explore bulk purchasing options and prices, and discuss the specific needs of your business.

Can I get assistance in identifying the correct spare part if I am unsure about the specifications or part number?

Of course! Our customer support team is ready to assist you.